Responsible Practices

Calle Del Mar is a locally made, independently owned, woman-run business.


All of the CDM items are designed and produced in Los Angeles, California. Why? CDM is inspired by vintage athletic wear made entirely in the USA. It is important to us that we tribute what has inspired us. Plus producing locally means that we get to support our community and reduce our carbon footprint from the minimal transportation!



CDM uses women owned & women run factories! Our sewers & knitters are provided with fair wages and safe working conditions.  We pride ourselves on our close relationships with these factories and their employees. We hope to share more individual stories about the Women who make CDM sparkle & shine soon... so stay tuned! 




Our luxurious athletic-inspired knits are hand loomed by artisans in Los Angeles, California. The process of these shirts requires zero waste! This means no yarn left behind. Our Viscose yarn is dyed locally within the United States. Viscose is made from cellulose, sourced from various types of trees! It's breathable, comfortable, and highly absorbent (which means less washing!) Viscose was popular fabric choice for swimwear & athletic uniforms in the 1920's-1970's. While we suggest you dry clean your viscose knits- we encourage you to pick a cleaner with 'green' options, which use water as the primary solvent.



Our Silk Organza sequin pieces are hand stuffed & quilted by women in Los Angeles, California. Silk is a beautiful, natural fibers that has been produced for thousands of years. It completely biodegradable and has a very low environmental impact.



When possible we source our cotton from North Carolina. Check the tag of the CDM towel sweatshirt to find out more about our supply chain!