Knit Bandeau: Poppy Tangerine

Knit Bandeau: Poppy Tangerine

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Too Damn Hot Outside? Throw on the CDM knit Bandeau to be prepared for any summer activity. From picnic in the park, to hike in the hills, to oops- someone pushed you in the pool! Well, Dive in! The CDM Knit Bandeau doubles as a swim top- meaning you can wear it in the water & it will dry in the sun! Due to the lycra fit is stretchy, structured and compact to support your chest. Feels flexible, casual & comfortable next to your skin. Fully Fashioned. Knitted on hand looms in Los Angeles, California.

90% Viscose

10% Lycra

Fits True to Size. 

Comes with dust bag.

Dry Clean Suggested. 

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