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Calle Del Mar is a locally made, independently owned, woman-run business. 

Local Production:

CDM focuses on ethical, thoughtful, and local production.  All products are designed and produced in Los Angeles, California.  Our knitters and crocheters create our products within a 30-mile radius of our studio.  CDM is inspired by vintage knits made entirely in the USA, and it is important to us that we pay tribute to what inspired us.  Plus, producing locally means we get to support our community and reduce our carbon footprint from minimal transportation. 

Hand Loomed

Many of our styles are knitted in small batches on vintage flatbed knitting looms. Others are completely hand-crocheted. Both are artisanal and tedious techniques that take incredible talent and lots of time. We are committed to preserving the meaning of handmade through our knitters' craft.

Made In Women-Owned Factories:

Our luxurious knits are hand loomed & hand crocheted in female-owned factories.  We pride ourselves on the good wages and safe working conditions that are provided for the artisans & technicians behind our pieces.

Conscious Materials:

Knitwear is a naturally sustainable practice.  If managed correctly, you can achieve zero-to-little waste.  This means no yarn left behind.  We are very proud that, so far, we have been able to achieve that!  And we will continue to strive in doing so going forward.  On the small chance we have left over yarn, we use it to prototype new product or occasionally work it into a new striped tee!  Not to mention, we often unravel and reknit when a sample is not correct on the first try.

The staple yarn in our collection - viscose - is a more durable, green, and vegan alternative to silk.  Viscose is a plant-based fiber, so it is not inherently toxic or polluting.  Viscose is usually made from the wood pulp of quickly re-generating plants & trees such as eucalyptus, bamboo, pine, and soy.  We strive to work with suppliers using sustainably-managed forests.  Some of our viscose fibers are spun from regenerated cotton provided from pre-consumer waste, and they meet specific traceability requirements through the GRS certification.  Viscose is a breathable, comfortable, and highly absorbent fiber which means it often doesn’t hang onto smell and requires less washing!  Our yarn is hand dyed with care in our custom colors by our extremely wonderful mills.

Caring For Your Products:

Our products are meant to live a long life.  We dream that our classic styles will be well-worn pieces in your closet forever or passed down to love ones in time.  While we suggest you dry clean your viscose knits, we prioritize sustainable cleaning practices.  We encourage you to pick a cleaner with green options that use water as the primary solvent.  Viscose was a popular fabric choice for swimwear & athletic uniforms from the 1920s to the 1970s, which can be attributed to its durability.  Our items rarely hold smell and love low heat iron with a touch of steam.  Knitwear is easy to mend and repair in the event that any snags or minor imperfections do arise.  However, please be careful when wearing jewelry to protect the products' delicate nature and extend their longevity.  To ensure your garment's long life, store flat and do not hang.  Enjoy & wear with care!